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For all your research project needs

Professional guidance and support for your graduate or undergraduate project in the social sciences, humanities & business


Need help with your dissertation or research project?


The Dissertation Doctor offers complete  support from the beginning to the end of your project You can choose the help you need for specific areas of your project or you can opt for personal guidance over the life of your dissertation.

From choosing your topic to presenting your findings


Each element of a research project presents its own challenges and difficulties. The Dissertation Doctor will provide guidance for each of the key phases of your study

  • Choosing your topic and developing a research question

  • Carrying out a literature review

  • Selecting the appropriate methodology & procedure

  • Data collection, analysis and interpretation

  • Writing and presenting your results

  • Referencing and bibliographies

Personal supervision & support


The Dissertation Doctor offers one-to-one guidance by Skype or face-to-face meetings in London and South East.

Guidance geared to your needs and abilities


Every research project is different and every student has their own strengths and weaknesses - The Dissertation Doctor can offer a programme of support tailor-made for your project and help you to acquire and develop the resources you need to complete it.

Access to Free Resources


If you don't need personal guidance, The Dissertation Doctor website offers you free access to the best, personally approved resources from some of the world's leading academic institutions to help you through the critical parts of your dissertation or project.

Who is The Dissertation Doctor?


The Dissertation Doctor is a published academic with over 30 years experience at leading institutions in the British and Irish university systems specialising in research methods and academic skills. He has supervised over 200 successful undergraduate and postgraduate dissertations in the social sciences and business

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